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Ceiling Fans

It’s not just lighting solutions that we sell here. Throughout the year, but as the mercury starts to rise in the summer especially, it’s important to stay cool in your home. At Z Two Lights, we’ve assembled a comprehensive range of ceiling fans in Sydney, which both look great and perform to a high standard; allowing you to relax in comfort.

We’ve got different types of fans to choose from, so whether you’re after a an extra quiet five blade fan for smooth operation, the popular, energy-efficient four blade models, or even the innovative one blade Hunter Pacific Sycamore Ceiling Fan, you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer. If you’re after something different, why not combine two useful products in one? With our excellent range of ceiling fans with lights, you can do just that and kill two birds with one stone!All of our products feature stylish, contemporary designs that mix form and function; resulting in a highly efficient and useful product. These modern ceiling fans can even operate in reverse during the winter, so they’re truly a year-round solution. Have a browse now, and feel free to speak to one of our expert customer service team if you’re in need of any assistance.

💡What things should you consider when choosing ceiling fans?

A common oversight when it comes to the ceiling fans is arguably their greatest secondary feature, the capacity to illuminate your space while keeping your home nice and cool. Depending on your desired outcome, you can prioritise one of these features over the other and choose a ceiling fan optimised for your needs and environment. Given that we’re home to some of the best ceiling fans in Australia, you’re sure to find something that meets your criteria.

💡What type of ceiling fans do you carry?

We carry a wide range of modern ceiling fans in multiple shapes and sizes. One of the major differences between our various models is the number of blades they have, ranging from one to five. The more blades a ceiling fan has, the quieter it tends to be. This makes five blades the ideal choice for those seeking close-to complete silence from their ceiling fan setup. Our four-blade ceiling fans are energy-efficient and vary in how they’re operated. Some are controlled using pull chains, while others are operated using remote or wall-based controls. Still, most people tend to choose their ceiling fans based on how they look and how they’ll suit the aesthetic of their space.

💡What materials are your ceiling fans made of?

You’ll have no trouble finding a stylish ceiling fan that complements your office, kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Our fans are available in several colours and finishes, including white, black, walnut, brushed nickel, black with timber blades and brushed chrome with timber blades. The premium materials they’re made with include timber, durable plastic, palm, bamboo and more.
We carry one of the most varied collections of ceiling fans in Sydney. With so many colours, finishes, and materials to choose from, you can easily customise your ceiling fan to your preferences. For more information on customising your ceiling fan, please contact our friendly customer support team – we’ll help you to make the right choice and find something which suits your budget too.

💡What styles of ceiling fans do you offer?

Z Two Lights has ceiling fans for essentially every aesthetic theme, whether this be for a commercial or residential space. Some are more sleek and subtle, while others are a bit more bold like our innovative one-blade fan design. Some designs include blades that curve to the sides, while others are crafted with blades that curve downwards.

In any case, they all share a certain modern sophistication that effortlessly elevates the aesthetic quality of most spaces. If you need inspiration, we encourage you to look through the beautiful lighting solutions we’ve provided for businesses across Sydney.

💡How many ceiling fans should I have?

Most rooms are too small to accommodate more than one ceiling fan. The cooling effect of multiple ceiling fans could also be overpowering in smaller rooms. However, homes or offices with an open floor plan may benefit from having more than one fan installed, as long as they’re spaced out properly.

💡Contact Z Two Lights for modern ceiling fans in Sydney

If you’re interested in one of our designer ceiling fans or have any questions about Z Two Lights, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website. Our expert customer service team would be happy to help you and field any queries!