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What can I use downlights for?

Downlights are an incredibly versatile lighting solution for your home, able to light up a room in soft, warmer tones or to be used as spotlights to accent the unique touches of your space. Z Two Lights has a wide range of downlights in Sydney, whether you want recessed ceiling downlights for your living room space or surface downlights to bring attention to your dining table and highlight your interior furnishings, Z Two Lights has a range of LED downlights in Sydney that will both save you money and look chic at the same time.

What styles of downlighting does Z Two Lights offer?

Z Two Lights is proud to provide designer lighting options to suit every taste and budget. With our stylish downlights, you can find the perfect product to upgrade your interior decor. There are many options floating about the market for downlights in Australia, here at Z Two lights we like to stand out – our modern downlights include stunning contemporary metal and sophisticated glass-oriented designs, sure to grab the attention of your guests or patrons. A recessed option for your ceiling downlights can become the perfect addition to a room that already has a lot of attention-drawing design elements. A set of recessed downlights can blend into the ceiling, lighting up the room evenly without competing for attention.

When are LED downlights a better option than other bulb?

Modern downlights in Australia are typically of the LED variety (Light Emitting Diodes). With electricity bills rising, any savings become paramount in this day and age – LED downlights in Sydney use up to 75% less power than incandescent bulbs do. Consider the fact that LED bulbs will generally last around 3 times longer than traditional bulbs, and the savings start to rack up quickly. If you’re looking for modern downlights in Sydney, LEDs are a more than logical option. Some people believe that LEDs can only put out a bright white light in a single direction, this is however, untrue. Modern LED downlights can come in any colour and Z Two Lights ceiling downlights provide as warm a glow as any incandescent bulb. In fact, most people would find it difficult to tell which downlights use LEDs and which use the more dated bulb types.

How can I buy LED downlights from Z Two Lights?

To look before you buy, or even to get ideas for how one of our pieces might look when installed in your home, visit our Waterloo and Leichhardt showrooms. We stock some of the most stylistically and visually appealing ceiling downlights in Sydney. If you don’t live nearby, you can also check out our portfolio of past work for inspiration. Once you have an idea, or you’re ready to buy from one of the best collections of downlights in Australia, give us a call or contact us online and we will get back to you within 24 hours! Talk to us about Australia-wide shipping and the way in which many of our lights can be customised for your space. Whatever you need, Z Two Lights will have the experience so suggest a downlight option perfect for your space.