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Here at Z Two Lights, we pride ourselves on our lighting solutions, and these modern table lamps are no exception. Combining form and function beautifully; these products conveniently illuminate the surrounding area if you’re working, reading, or completing various other tasks. They also serve as a stylish piece of decor in their own right, that adds to the aesthetics of any room.

We’ve got a vast selection of both classic and modern desk lamps available both on the site and in the showroom, so whatever your preferences, we’re sure that we can match you up with the ideal product. We even boast a selection of replica table lamps, based on iconic designs from world renowned designers, for those who want a beautiful statement piece without the price tag to go with it! For those after Scandinavian chic, the replica Muuto table lamp, with its stylish, contemporary wooden construction, is a great option. Z Two Lights is the smart choice if you’re looking to pick up quality desk/table lamps in Sydney. There’s no need to worry if nothing here on the site catches your eye, though, because if you visit our showroom you can peruse our ever-changing range of quality products.

Table lamps have significantly evolved since the day Thomas Edison invented the first true, commercially sold lamp in the year 1879. Throughout history, it’s varied in shape, size and even materials used, but they all still serve the same purpose – to provide table lighting and illuminate your work and living spaces.

At Z Two Lights, we offer a wide range of unique and modern table lamp designs that are eco-friendly, cost-effective and when properly used, can help to add that particular mood of touch of elegance you’re after. We are sure that our vast collection of unique table lamp designs will give you the best in choice for your lighting solutions. We are confident that we have the perfect modern lamp to complement your preferences, personal needs and existing interior set-ups.

💡 Which Table Lamp Should I Choose For My Desk?

Something as simple as an illuminating lamp on your desktop surfaces can make the most significant of impacts to the ambience of your room. They can project a radiating change in aesthetics throughout your space while also improving functionality and quality of living by providing that sweet-spot for you to read your favourite book, or a perfect place to get snug with your loved ones. With so many choices at Z Two Lights, consider these things when choosing from our range of contemporary table lamps:

💡 Material and Color

At Z Two Lights, our table lamps are designed and sourced with the customer in mind. For the family with active toddlers, we have the eye-catching Cucumber Table Lamp made of metal and acrylic that can withstand a fall. For couples, the glamorous Marcel Table Lamp lavished with crystal could become the perfect in home decor, atop a nightstand or in any space where you’d like to set an intimate mood. Alternatively, the natural Grace Table Lamp made of metal and fabric goes well with any study table. Our variety of table lighting also comes in a selection of colours that will instantly add personality to any interior environment.

💡 Styles

They say the overall appearance of your home says a lot about yourself. At Z Two Lights, we boast a wide selection of designer table lamps in Sydney to give your space a designer feel. Our contemporary and innovative Loop, Cross and Beryl designer Table Lights exude modish allure to any space in need of a makeover. Additionally, the state-of-the-art structure and curved designs of our Egg and Meemo modern style Table Lamps have the capacity to effortlessly accentuate any area or feature. Whether it be for a minimalist side table or a sleek console, the versatility of our lighting lamps are a must-check for any contemporary spaces.

💡 Lamps & Bulbs

When choosing your table lighting, it’s going to be a wise decision to choose both a cost-efficient and durable lamp. Most of our table lamps use single B22 and E27 LED bulbs and are bright enough to lighten up a living space. These LED bulbs are expected to consume less power and last longer when compared to their dated counterparts.

💡 Sizes

Our Sydney table lamps come in a range of sizes, depending on the product of your choice. For example, an Egg Table Lamp comes in four sizes, the teeny Meemo Table Lamp has a height of 22cm while the Milan Table Lamp stands 90cm tall.

Our store/showroom doesn’t purely focus on providing quality table lamps – we also take great pride in offering the best range of premium lighting products you can find throughout the lighting industry. If you’re wondering how you can improve the overall looks of your home or place of business, look no further! Z Two Lights Australia has you covered. Feel free to browse our array of lighting solutions or, if you have specific inquiries about our unique table lamps in Australia, check out our website or contact our friendly staff for help/assistance!